Welcome to 2 Tone Tattoos Online, 2 Tone Tattoos Ltd. is a fully licensed custom design tattoo studio owned and run by LJ, formerly of Highland Tattoos.This new studio provides a discreet, hygienic and friendly environment for all.

2 Tone Tattoos operates a strictly by appointment only rule. To book please find details on the contact page. Drawing sessions and design consultations can be arranged through the same channels.

Fully licensed by The Highland Council, 2 Tone Tattoos use only single use sterile needles and the latest vacuum sterilization equipment.

LJ looks forward to seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones.

* * * * *

Gift vouchers and 2 Tone T shirts available to buy, please ask in the studio.

LJ would like to extend a very warm welcome to the award winning tattoo artist Angie Macintyre. Angie, formerly of the Highland Tattoo Studio (Inverness), has more than 15 years tattooing experience and is returning to the world of tattooing after a well deserved break. LJ served her apprenticeship under Angie’s tutelage and is delighted that the ‘old team’ is reuniting.

The news of Angie’s return has been greeted with excitement and enthusiasm and the girls are looking forward to a renewed partnership.